Introduction of Procurement agency

Procurement agency strives to entrust the material procurement functions from the internal differentiation of the enterprise in order to achieve the outsourcing of the purchasing department.

Most companies will no longer need to set up a special material procurement department and reserve a large amount of raw materials etc. These jobs will be done by a procurement agency. In this mode, the entrusted party and the purchasing agency are relatively independent from each other, but unlike ordinary trade middlemen, it is standing on the client’s position, procure products on behalf of the entrusted party.

Procurement agency has its own warehouse and professional logistics team, which can deliver goods to designated locations timely and accurately after received procurement orders.

International procurement agency is through a series of professional trade supporting staff, efficient delivery team to provide the most professional, efficient and suitable procurement programs which will help the client achieve the purpose of reducing procurement costs.

1. Filter high-quality suppliers

2. Proofing supplier samples & Trading service

3. Export Agency Service & Logistics service

4. Financing Services



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