Inter-modal Transport & Door-to-Door Services ? Definition

By agreeing upon the principal terms and conditions contracted between the buyers and sellers, ADP provides door-to-door solutions from place of pick-up to place of delivery or any other chosen place through various modes of transportation and professional services.

Inter-modal Transport & Door-to-Door Services ? Service project

We offer service solutions under the terms of CFR,CIF, CPT, CIP, FCA, FAS, FOB, DAT, DAP, DDP, and EXW as well as solutions for Triangle Trading and Logistics.

Inter-modal Transport & Door-to-Door Services ? Service object

Order logistics and contract logistics of from overseas to China, or from China to overseas, or from overseas to overseas;

Auto parts, home appliances, household, clothing, hardware accessories, and various parts;

Hydropower, thermal power, wind power, photovoltaic generation, machinery and equipment, marine equipment, sea port and air port, oil pipelines, tunnel engineering;

Overseas construction, overseas project contracting, overseas project investment, Overseas Logistics Park, overseas industrial Park;

Supporting small and medium sized Chinese enterprises to develop at overseas by providing door-to-door logistics services and solution.

Free consultation, free planning and free quotation.

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